The Pantheon

The gods of these lands are divided into seven categories: Martial, Magic, Death, Nature, Wayfarers, Crafting, and the Supreme Gods. Some deities are worshiped more commonly in certain regions, but any god may have followers in any land.

St Hellebore, Monk of the Healing Hands
Xandaar, Master of Space and Time
Kuro Murava, The Banished One
Most people do not worship the supreme gods directly, but instead pay homage to one more closely linked to their lifestyle…


The gods of fire and battle, of swordplay and archery, and of warriors and glorious combat.
These gods are mainly worshiped in the lands of Kindervale.

Marius, The Redeemer
Anastasiya, The White Warrior
Aleksei, The Bloody Swordsman


The gods of earth and magic, of stone and craft, smiths and sorcerers. These gods are mainly worshipped in the underground cities of Alderness Caverns.

Sashko, The Magic Prince
Zandaria, Lady Farsight, Lady Brighteyes
Antoshka, The Cursed One


The gods of air and death, of the undead and of the chilling winds. The gods of Death are mostly worshiped in the snowy mountains of Warden’s Barren.

Jiyha, Lady Moonlight
Serafima, Lady of the Mists
Lord Voktor, the Deathly Count


The gods of nature, plants and lakes, of marshes and forests, and of waves and the high seas. These gods are mainly worshiped in the dockside cities of Southwood.

Arkady, The Poison Thorn
Calico, The Bearded Sailor
Jericho, The Mad Tyrant of Below


The gods of travelers, bards, gypsies, and traders. These gods watch over those who make long journeys, wander carelessly, and those who lose their way.

Wynne, The Dancing Maiden
The Chorojhunn, The Mysterious Messenger
Domari, The False Charmer


These gods are worshiped by smiths, carpenters, masons, miners, and all other manner of craftsmen. They watch over the forge, and decide whether a mine strikes it rich.

Celdar, The Light
Maxim, The Man on the Mountain
Vieras, The Dark Monk

The Pantheon

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