All standard races from the PHB 3.5 are allowed, with the exception of half-orcs. There are some
alternative versions and additional races allowed(Variants are only for the races listed in the PHB).
Note: If posted descriptions or abilities differ from sourcebooks, go with the posted

- Variant Races -

The listed traits are instead of or in addition to the traits listed in the phb as appropriate.

Arctic Races

Those from the cold areas surrounding Warden’s Barren are likely to be of the Arctic Variety,
being used to the extreme cold environment.

Arctic Traits:
  • +2 Balance/Use Rope
  • +2 Survival in arctic environments
  • +4 Fort vs Cold weather
  • Dwarves Special: IceCunning(Stonecunning counts for structures/features of ice as well)

Desert Races
Peoples from the regions surrounding Kindervale and Alderness Caverns have adapted to the heat
and the rocks, giving them certain traits.

Desert Traits:
  • +1 on attack rolls vs reptilians(replaces bonus vs orcs/goblinoids)
  • +2 survival in desert environments
  • +2 Ride/Handle Animal
  • +4 Fort vs extreme Heat

Characters from the wetlands surrounding the portside community of Southwood live among the
marshes and beachs near the ocean, and have developed certain traits.

Marsh Traits:
  • Low-Light Vision/Superior Low-Light Vision(4x as far as a normal human)
  • +2 survival in wetlands environments
  • +2 swim
  • +2 Use Rope/Climb

- Additional Races -

  • +2 Con, -1 Wis, -1 Cha
  • Speed: 30
  • Special: Composite Plating, Light Fortification, Living Construct
  • Favored Class: Fighter
  • for additional information see pg. 191 of the Monster Manual 3.

Mephlings are strange creatures of unknown origins, associated with one of the four major elements: Earth, Air, Fire or Water. Mephlings appear as small humanoids(about 3-4 ft. tall), and they look slightly different depending on their element.
Air Mephlings have snow-white skin and hair.
Fire Mephlings have firey, reddish-bronze skin.
Earth Mephlings have skin the color of sand-stone, and usually have no hair.
Water Mephlings have skin like fish-scales, and solid black, slightly bulbous eyes.

  • -2 Int, +2 Cha, Racial(Air: +2 Dex, Earth: +2 Str -1 Dex, Fire: +2 Dex, Water: +2 Con)
  • Special: Small, Extraplanar
  • Speed: 30, Racial(Air: Flight 10, Earth: Burrow 10, Fire: Speed 40, Water: Swim 30)
  • Bonus Languages: Auran(Air), Terran(Earth), Ignan(Fire), Aquan(Water)
  • Favored Class: Bard(Air), Druid(Earth), Sorcerer(Fire), Monk(Water)
    For more info see pg. 10 of the Planar Handbook.


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