Character Creation House Rules

Ability Scores

Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest for each score.
Roll two sets of 6 scores and pick one set.

Starting Levels

Characters will begin at level 5 unless otherwise specified.

Starting gold and equipment

Characters will begin with either 11,000gp to spend on equipment, or 9,000gp to spend and one item worth up to 4,000gp with special significance to that character.


Characters may have a distinctive background that affects an aspect of their character.
Roll 1d20 to determine how your background affected you:
1-3 = Rich: Your family was wealthier than most. You begin with an extra 2000gp worth of eq.
4-10 = Gifted: You are naturally gifted in certain skills. you gain +3 to two class skills.

11-17 = Membership: You are part of a guild or other organization. You start with up to 200gp worth of eq associated with the organization, as well as other benefits dependent on the organization.
18-20 = Weapon Master: You have trained in a broad range of weapons. You are proficient in all martial weapons. Additionally you may be proficient in one exotic weapon if you start with it.

Character Creation House Rules

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